The 5 Most “Dino-Crazy” States

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Dinosaurs, the ancient giants that once roamed the Earth, continue to captivate our imagination and curiosity. Their existence, though long gone, lives on through fossils, museums, and various other avenues of exploration. Across the United States, some states have embraced this prehistoric fascination more passionately than others. In this article, we will delve into the five most dino-crazy states, where dinosaur enthusiasts and paleontology aficionados can immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring world of these magnificent creatures.

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Colorado is a dinosaur lover’s paradise, with a rich history of significant fossil discoveries. The state boasts a range of dinosaur-centric attractions, including Dinosaur National Monument, where visitors can view an extensive collection of fossils and explore the quarry wall displaying hundreds of dinosaur bones. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, along with other dinosaur-themed museums and exhibitions throughout the state, further solidify Colorado’s reputation as a dinosaur haven.


Known as the “Treasure State,” Montana is a hotbed for paleontological wonders. The vast Badlands, especially the Hell Creek Formation, have yielded some of the most significant dinosaur fossils ever discovered, including the famous Tyrannosaurus rex specimens. The Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman is a must-visit, housing an impressive collection of dinosaur fossils, including the world-renowned T. rex specimen, “Big Mike.” For budding paleontologists and enthusiasts alike, Montana’s expansive landscapes offer endless opportunities for fossil hunting and exploration.


Utah’s red rock landscapes serve as a breathtaking backdrop for dinosaur enthusiasts. The state is home to a plethora of dinosaur fossil sites, such as Dinosaur National Monument and the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. The latter is renowned for its dense accumulation of Jurassic-era dinosaur bones. Visitors can also embark on the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway, a route that passes through several museums, dig sites, and other dinosaur-related attractions, allowing for an immersive experience in Utah’s dinosaur legacy.


Wyoming holds a special place in the hearts of dinosaur enthusiasts due to its association with the iconic dinosaur species, Triceratops. The state’s famous Hell Creek Formation has yielded numerous Triceratops specimens, along with other dinosaur fossils. The University of Wyoming Geological Museum in Laramie is a significant attraction, showcasing a remarkable collection of dinosaur skeletons and fossils, including a complete Allosaurus skeleton. Wyoming’s vast landscapes and ongoing paleontological research make it a must-visit destination for dinosaur lovers.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including its dinosaur obsession. The Lone Star State boasts an array of dinosaur-related attractions and sites. Dinosaur Valley State Park offers visitors the chance to see preserved dinosaur footprints in the park’s riverbeds. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas showcases an impressive dinosaur exhibit, including an awe-inspiring Tyrannosaurus rex specimen. Moreover, Texas hosts various dinosaur-themed festivals and events, attracting enthusiasts of all ages.

From the majestic landscapes of Colorado to the fossil-rich Badlands of Montana, these five states offer unique experiences for dinosaur enthusiasts. Whether it’s exploring museum exhibits, participating in fossil digs, or witnessing the remains of these ancient creatures in their natural settings, these states embrace and celebrate their prehistoric heritage. For those fascinated by dinosaurs, these dino-crazy states are undoubtedly must-visit destinations, promising unforgettable journeys into the captivating world of these colossal creatures from the past.

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