5 Proudly Patriotic Companies

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In the realm of business, some companies toe the line between patriotism and borderline nationalism, incorporating nationalistic elements into their branding and messaging. While expressing pride in their home country, these businesses occasionally walk a fine line that can be subject to interpretation. This article explores five real US companies that possess attributes that some may perceive as borderline nationalistic, analyzing their approaches and impact.


MyPatriotSupply is a company that specializes in emergency preparedness and survival products. While catering to a niche market of individuals who prioritize self-reliance and emergency readiness, the company’s branding occasionally leans towards nationalism. With slogans like “Patriot Preparedness” and “Freedom Seeds,” MyPatriotSupply taps into a sense of national identity to resonate with customers. However, the line between preparedness and extreme nationalism can be subjective and open to interpretation.


GORUCK is a gear and apparel company known for its military-inspired products. Founded by a former Green Beret, the company often incorporates patriotic symbols, such as the American flag and military patches, into its products and marketing materials. While honoring the armed forces and celebrating American values, some may perceive GORUCK’s approach as teetering on the border of excessive nationalism, potentially alienating those who seek a more inclusive approach to honoring the military.

Grunt Style

Grunt Style is a clothing brand that targets military personnel, veterans, and patriotic Americans. With taglines like “Born in the USA” and “Proudly American,” the company explicitly embraces nationalistic sentiments. While appealing to a specific demographic that cherishes military service and American patriotism, Grunt Style’s messaging can sometimes be seen as crossing the line into excessive nationalism, potentially isolating those who value a more nuanced approach to national identity.

Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Apparel is a veteran-owned clothing company that emphasizes patriotism and support for military personnel. The company’s branding prominently features the American flag, military imagery, and patriotic slogans. While Nine Line Apparel’s commitment to supporting veterans and showcasing American pride resonates with many customers, some critics argue that certain messaging could perpetuate an overly nationalistic image, potentially overshadowing the company’s charitable efforts.

True American Outdoors

True American Outdoors is an outdoor gear and apparel company that positions itself as a patriotic brand for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. With slogans like “Hunting is a Lifestyle” and “Proud to be an American Hunter,” the company taps into nationalistic sentiments associated with the outdoor lifestyle. However, as with other companies in this category, it is essential to ensure a balanced representation that embraces inclusivity and respect for diverse perspectives.

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