8 Lakes Worth Snorkeling in North America

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When it comes to snorkeling, we often think of tropical reefs and coastal destinations. However, North America is home to some stunning inland lakes that offer incredible snorkeling experiences. From clear waters to unique underwater ecosystems, here are eight inland lakes in North America that are worth exploring with a snorkel.

Crater Lake, USA

Located in Oregon, Crater Lake is renowned for its deep blue waters and remarkable clarity. Snorkelers can marvel at the submerged volcanic formations and witness the incredible visibility that extends to depths of over 100 feet.

Devil’s Lake, USA

Nestled in Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake boasts clear waters and an abundance of aquatic life, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling. Explore the underwater rock formations and keep an eye out for schools of fish swimming by.

Emerald Lake, Canada

Situated in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Emerald Lake lives up to its name with its stunning emerald-green waters. Snorkelers can discover the lake’s hidden depths, encountering unique rock formations and observing the fascinating underwater flora and fauna.

Lake Louise, Canada

Located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Lake Louise is famous for its picturesque beauty. Snorkelers can explore the turquoise waters surrounded by majestic mountains, catching glimpses of small fish and underwater plant life.

Flathead Lake, USA

Situated in Montana, Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. The lake offers excellent snorkeling opportunities, with clear waters and diverse aquatic life, including rainbow trout and whitefish.

Lake Superior, USA/Canada

Lake Superior, shared by the United States and Canada, is the largest of the Great Lakes. It is known for its rugged beauty and remarkable clarity. Snorkelers can explore the vibrant underwater world, including colorful rock formations, shipwrecks, and a variety of fish species.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala (connected to North America)

Located in the highlands of Guatemala, Lake Atitlán is a volcanic lake surrounded by picturesque landscapes. While not technically in North America, it’s worth mentioning for its incredible snorkeling opportunities. Snorkelers can encounter unique fish species like cichlids and explore the submerged volcanic formations.

Lake Tahoe, USA

Bordering California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe offers stunning underwater vistas. Snorkelers can glide through the clear waters, discovering underwater rock formations, boulders, and even historic artifacts, all while enjoying excellent visibility.

These eight inland lakes in North America provide captivating snorkeling experiences, showcasing the diverse beauty of the continent’s underwater world. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner, these destinations offer a chance to explore hidden treasures and immerse yourself in the wonders that lie beneath the surface. So, grab your snorkel gear and get ready to discover the enchanting inland lakes of North America.

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