5 Items You Won’t Believe Have WiFi Capability

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In today’s digital age, WiFi connectivity has become a ubiquitous feature in most electronic devices. From smartphones to home appliances, the ability to connect to the internet has revolutionized how we interact with technology. While many devices benefit greatly from this wireless connectivity, there are some products that seem to have jumped on the bandwagon without a clear purpose. Here are five surprising gadgets that probably don’t need WiFi compatibility but have it anyway.

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Yes, you read that right – a toaster with WiFi connectivity. While toasters have been a kitchen staple for decades, the addition of WiFi seems more like a marketing gimmick than a practical feature. With no apparent benefits, you might wonder why anyone would need to control their toast remotely from a smartphone. Nevertheless, some manufacturers have introduced this quirky feature to appeal to tech enthusiasts and those seeking the latest “smart” gadgets for their homes.


Umbrellas are essential for protection from rain, and their simplicity has remained unchanged for centuries. However, some forward-thinking companies have attempted to modernize this age-old tool by adding WiFi capability. While the concept of a connected umbrella may sound intriguing, it’s hard to envision real-world scenarios where such a feature would be genuinely useful. Perhaps it could send notifications about weather updates, but that seems like overkill for a device meant to keep you dry during a downpour.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is vital for maintaining good health, and many people carry water bottles throughout the day. However, WiFi-enabled water bottles raise eyebrows as they aim to track your water intake and sync the data to your smartphone. While the intention to promote healthier habits is commendable, the concept of needing WiFi to monitor your water consumption feels excessive and unnecessary for most individuals.

Wooden Hair Brush near a Woven Basket
It used to be so simple. Photo by: micheile.com || visual stories


In the quest for the “smart home” label, companies have developed WiFi-connected hairbrushes designed to offer insights into your hair health and brushing habits. These tech-infused brushes often come equipped with sensors that measure brushing force and provide feedback through a smartphone app. However, the practicality of such features is questionable, as traditional hairbrushes have been serving their purpose effectively for generations.

WiFi-Enabled Plant Pots

For the green-thumbed enthusiasts who love nurturing plants, WiFi-enabled plant pots have made their way into the market. These smart pots claim to monitor soil moisture, light exposure, and temperature, sending notifications to your phone when it’s time to water or adjust the plant’s environment. While this may be appealing to busy individuals or frequent travelers, most gardeners have managed their plants successfully without WiFi assistance for ages.

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