Fizzled Out: 8 Sodas That Have Gone Flat

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Sodas have been a beloved beverage for generations, quenching our thirst and providing a fizzy delight. Throughout history, numerous soda brands have come and gone, leaving behind nostalgic memories. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and explore the first eight sodas that have been discontinued, leaving a void in the hearts of their loyal fans.

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Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi burst onto the scene in the early 1990s, introducing a clear cola that promised a caffeine-free and preservative-free alternative. Although initially popular, it failed to maintain its momentum and was discontinued in 1994, leaving fans longing for its unique taste.

Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola aimed to provide a high-caffeine alternative to traditional sodas, appealing to night owls and those seeking an extra energy boost. Launched in 1985, Jolt Cola enjoyed a dedicated following, but as energy drinks gained popularity, it eventually fizzled out and disappeared from shelves.


Surge, introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in 1996, aimed to rival PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew. Bursting with citrus flavor and an intense kick, Surge amassed a loyal fan base, especially among teenagers. Despite its popularity, it was discontinued in 2003, only to be revived briefly as an online-exclusive in 2014 due to popular demand.

OK Soda

OK Soda, an experimental product by The Coca-Cola Company in 1993, targeted the Generation X demographic. With its edgy marketing campaign and offbeat flavors, it sought to challenge the norms of traditional soda branding. However, it failed to resonate with consumers and was ultimately discontinued in 1995.


Orbitz, a peculiar soda from the late 1990s, featured colorful edible balls floating inside the bottle, creating a visually striking beverage. While its appearance was unique, the unusual texture and flavor combinations did not capture the masses’ taste buds, leading to its discontinuation.

7Up Gold

In an attempt to diversify its product line, 7Up released 7Up Gold in 1987, combining a cola-like taste with the lemon-lime base. Despite initial success, it struggled to find a firm footing in the market, leading to its discontinuation within a few years.

Pepsi Blue

Capitalizing on the flavored soda trend, Pepsi Blue made its debut in 2002, offering a bold blue raspberry taste. While the vibrant color and fruity flavor garnered attention, it failed to sustain its appeal, and Pepsi Blue vanished from store shelves by 2004.

Tab Clear

Tab Clear, an offshoot of the iconic Tab soda, aimed to compete with Crystal Pepsi by offering a clear cola option. Introduced in 1992, it struggled to establish its identity and distinguish itself from other similar products. As a result, Tab Clear was discontinued the same year it was launched.

Conclusion: The world of sodas has seen its fair share of discontinued beverages, and the first eight sodas to fade away left a lasting impression on soda enthusiasts. Whether due to changing tastes, marketing missteps, or fierce competition, these sodas became relics of the past. Despite their disappearance from store shelves, their memory lives on in the hearts of those who enjoyed their unique flavors and innovative concepts.

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