Hold the Anchovies: 5 No Longer Popular Pizza Toppings

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Pizza, the universally loved comfort food, has an endless array of toppings that cater to a variety of taste preferences. From classic combinations like Margherita and Pepperoni to innovative creations featuring exotic ingredients, pizza has evolved over the years. However, amid the constant experimentation and reinvention, some toppings have fallen into the depths of culinary history, vanishing from menus and memories. In this article, we reminisce about forgotten pizza toppings that used to be offered but are rarely seen today. Join us on a trip down the nostalgia-laden lane of pizza’s past.


Once a popular choice for seafood lovers, anchovies adorned many pizza pies in the past. These small, saltwater fish were known for their intense umami flavor, lending a distinctive taste to the cheesy ensemble. However, due to their acquired taste and strong aroma, anchovies gradually faded away from mainstream pizza menus. Today, anchovies are often replaced with milder seafood options like shrimp or tuna.

Pineapple and Ham

The infamous Hawaiian pizza, topped with pineapple and ham, may still have its ardent supporters, but it is no longer as ubiquitous as it once was. This polarizing combination sparked heated debates among pizza aficionados, with some loving the sweet and savory interplay, while others denounced it as a culinary abomination. Despite its decline in popularity, the pineapple and ham duo still makes occasional appearances, serving as a reminder of pizza’s adventurous spirit.


Sardines, like anchovies, were once a common sight on pizza menus. These small, oily fish were favored for their robust flavor and added depth to pizza toppings. With changing taste preferences and the rise of alternative seafood options, sardines have largely faded away from contemporary pizza offerings. However, for those seeking a nostalgic flavor profile, they remain an intriguing part of pizza’s history.


In an era when canned meats were a pantry staple, Spam found its way onto pizzas. The beloved processed pork product was thinly sliced and placed atop the cheese, offering a unique salty and smoky taste. As the culinary landscape evolved and consumers sought healthier and more natural ingredients, Spam gradually disappeared from pizza toppings, replaced by other cured meats like pepperoni or salami.


Capers, the briny flower buds commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, once graced many pizza pies. These small green spheres added a tangy and slightly sour note, balancing the richness of cheese and other toppings. However, as pizza toppings diversified and palates shifted, capers lost their prominence on menus, giving way to other acidic elements like pickled peppers or olives.

As pizza has evolved and adapted to changing tastes and trends, some toppings have inevitably faded away, becoming relics of a bygone era. In a world where new flavors and combinations constantly emerge, let’s not forget the toppings that once tantalized our taste buds and played a part in pizza’s rich culinary history.

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